Best Powder Measure For Reloading – Buyer’s Guide

Best Powder Measure For ReloadingPlanning to get the most effective powder measure for reloading around?


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Prices for powder measure range from inexpensive to costly. We hope this list helps you pick out the best powder measures.

Best Powder Measure Reviews For Reloading 2020

When it comes to buying powder measure, the experience is a little different than other gun accessories & gun maintenance.

But, exactly how to select the appropriate powder measure? As you can visualize, there are hundreds of different models out there.

However, when you are buying powder measure, you need to keep some things in mind.

Look at the comparison table. I will provide you with more information that will help you in our Buyer’s Guide later.

Product NameSpecial FeatureMeasureCurrent Price
LEE PRECISION 90058 Meaningful Calibration 2 to 100 Grains Check Price
Hornady 050069 Multiple mounting methods .5 to 265 Grains Check Price
RCBS Uniflow Precision crafted Up to 50 Grains Check Price
Lyman Powder Measure Three slides adjustable cavity Up to 2400 Grains Check Price
LEE PRECISION 90100 15 graduated powder dippers 0.3cc to 4.3cc Check Price

1. LEE PRECISION 90058 – Best Powder Measure For Reloading

Best Powder Measure For Reloading - Buyer's Guide 7 LEE PRECISION Powder Measurer is our first choice. LEE PRECISION is one of the famous brands in the market. LEE PRECISION Powder Measurer is a great product for beginners. It is one of the best-rounded powder measurers around.

Some powders (usually extruded) won’t meter as consistently as others, but it won’t matter whose measure will use. This has three moving parts and throws incredibly consistent charges with very little effort. One screw holds all the drum parts together and controls the tension.

It can require very minute tension adjustments when working with some fine powders. It does require a little patience to break in when new. You can wash it with soap and hot water before use.

A dryer softener sheet can help dissipate any initial static charges. Running charges will help the parts “mate” and eventually “lubricate” the drum with powder residue. Again, minute tension adjustments may be needed, especially during break-in.

You can pass all the charges over a beam scale to ensure they are within the range as expected. To keep the powder from bouncing out of the scale tray when dumping a charge, You can place a short piece of PCV pipe in the tray and dump the powder into it. Then remove it for weighing. It keeps everything contained.

it will not leak anywhere but you can only use it with H4350 powder. The instruction manual advises on tightening the handle if the finer powder is leaking. The design does not lend itself to easy cleaning.

If you should change powders frequently as a few grains can get trapped in the cylinder but they can be shaken out. Follow the instructions, check your charges, and you’ll find it simplifies your reloading process.

You will be very impressed with the accuracy and ease of use of this powder dispenser. You need to run a full load of powder through the dispenser to remove static electricity and get consistent loads.

After doing that, you may need to test the stick powder that is hardest to the meter. After 3-4 charges, the dispenser threw charges within 0.2 grains of each other.

You will need to loosen the dispenser handle a bit to make sure the upstroke and downstroke were nice and smooth. For good measure please give the powder contains a small tap between each charge, but I am not sure that is necessary.

It meters great depending on how tight you make the lever. Works just fine with no adjustments for AR COMP, and requires a tighter adjustment for WIN 748, if you do not make the lever tights it will leak out the side. Other

The best thing about this powder measure is that it is very consistent. It is solid and easy to set up. than that, powder drop is pretty constant when set.

LEE PRECISION Powder Measurer is affordable and a great tool. If your budget is low and you want a good powder measure then this product is perfect for you.

  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable price
  • Good for 2 to 100+ grains
  • Easy to use
  • Works great
  • Takes too much time to change the loads for different rounds and powders

2. Hornady 050069 – Best Powder Measure For Rifle Reloading

Best Powder Measure For Reloading - Buyer's Guide 8Hornady is a nice brand. Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Measure is a great tool for rifle reloading. It is our second choice. The pioneering design of the quick change Lock-N-Load Powder Measure offers flexible operation and a wide range of use.

This is a good powder measure once you get to know and understand its limitations. You need to be thoroughly degreased and cleaned prior to use it. You need to watch the Hornady video on how to do this properly.

It is accurate within reason, if you are going to be using for pistol charging, you must buy the pistol rotor assy. I would advise against using this with Titegroup, or other fast powders because the margin for error is too small.

The pioneering design of the quick change Lock-N-Load Powder Measure offers flexible operation and a wide range of use. This product has small and large top tubes.

These tubes can speed up the powder flow. There are also two drop tubes that are included. The Lock n Load does not come with a funnel. In fact, the funnel is not necessary because the powder tube is big enough for pouring powder in it.

I purchased this because my Lee Perfect Powder measure was leaking with the fine powders (in my case AA5) and it lacked accuracy with small pistol charges (3 – 6 gr).

The Lee worked fine (no leaks and good accuracy) with the larger flake powders and rifle cartridge/shotshell sized charges, but the leaking with the fine powders was terrible.

The Hornady L’NL works great. Zero leaking and coupled with the pistol rotor throws very accurate charges.I am also very impressed with the L’NL measure quality.

This measure is built like a tank. It is very solid construction. When mounted on the optional stand, it feels almost like a vice – solid with the smooth, positive operation.

I bought this as well as the lower “case activated powder drop” to add an additional powder measure to my Lock-n-Load AP press. I keep one with the pistol-metering insert and one with the rifle-metering insert. They make changing from pistol to rifle reloading fast and easy.

The units work well and throw consistent powder charges. Once I’ve confirmed the powder charges are being thrown correctly I will run 25 to 50 cartridges and check again but have not found any changes to date (only about 1,000 rounds loaded so far).

Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Measure is a little bit expensive. But it is easy to set up and use. You can easily reload your rifle with this product.

  • Push-button release function
  • Easy to use
  • Largest charge range
  • Various mounting options
  • Small and large drop tubes
  • Pistol insert not included

3. RCBS Uniflow – Best Powder Measure For Pistols and Rifles

Best Powder Measure For Reloading - Buyer's Guide 9

RCBS is one of the best companies in the market. RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure is a great tool for rifles and pistols. You can easily refill your bullets with gun powder with this powder measure.

The RCBS powder measure is a very good product and very accurate. I have three of these now and one Hornady Lock-N-Load. All are running on PiggyBack 2 or AmmoMaster presses. Using a combination of Hornady Shell Activated Powder Drop and RCBS Shell Activated Powder drop linkages.

No more shell activated arm, long rod and return spring wrapped around the powder measure to deal with. It is a great Powder Measure for progressive and Single station presses. Accurate with good repeatability.

You need to use a scale to determine the initial change weight and check it periodically. It will be your good reloading practice. You can charge weight variation after set up has been less than a grain over 100 rounds after the setting is in place and the metering screw is tightened down.

You can order the 4th measure for Rock Chucker single station operations. The only caveat is that you must order the correct rotor/measuring screw set when you order the measure.

It Comes with either the large diameter metering hole or the small diameter metering hole. RCBS used to sell a unit that came with both rotors but I’ve not seen one lately.

It is really a nice powder drop. You usually expect a couple of tenths of a grain of accuracy and this is where mine usually
hits. Once I determine the desire grained with a trickle, I’ll switch over to this.

If anything it will throw a tad heavy rather than light. I’m sure if you spent more time adjusting it than I do, you could get a tad better. I’m not that picky as I don’t use this for competition rounds.

I weigh each of the charges and they were almost always within 1/10 of a grain. What I liked best was the adjustment. It was easy to make small corrections as the amount of powder changed in the hopper.

I suspect that if you kept the hopper about the same level no corrections would be necessary. I used ball and short cut extruded and both worked just fine.

This is a great powder measure for anyone’s reloading setup. I’ve had one of these for many years and has never failed. This purchase was a gift to get someone all the supplies to start doing their own reloading. It is a great product at a great price.

RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure is perfect for reloading rifle cases. This powder measure is well made and easy to use. You can buy this tool and use it for many years.

  • Powder measure & accessories
  • Produces accurate charges
  • Perfect for pistols and rifles
  • Metal band press attaches to press easily.
  • Metal band press attaches to press easily
  • Pretty expensive.
  • Had a crack on powder retainer

4. Lyman Powder Measure – Best Powder Measure For Unique

Lyman Powder MeasureLyman is a nice brand in the market right now. Lyman Powder Measure is well made. It works great but it is a little bit expensive than our first and second choice.

Maybe you will like the cast iron body, the metering slide arrangement (use as directed and you have a very small area of powder to shear), and the quaint little knocker.

Just about all brands of measures now come with a baffle for the hopper – do use it “flake” powders do pack and cake more under the weight of a full column of powder. Then you will like this measure and consider it a bargain.

The Lyman powder measure is accurate to 1/10 of a grain. Even you can use this to reload 3000 pistol rounds and probably you won’t have any complaints.

The accuracy is great. It is accurate, smooth, and easy to use. Be sure to follow the instructions well and run through a few cycles, and it will give you great results. You can cut your reloading time by a factor of 4.

The measure has both rough and fine-tuning capabilities. Good for first-time reloaders to grow into or for seasoned pros looking to upgrade their starter sets this rig does it all.

This powder measure works perfectly. You have to fully disassemble it and clean all the metal parts before using it but that only takes a few minutes. Once set this thing dumps exact loads with this powder.

Changing charge size is very easy once you understand the mechanics of the system (basically there are coarse, medium, and fine adjustments). I would suggest, however, that you take the time to thoroughly clean the insides of the unit to remove any residual oils in the system, otherwise powder may hang up on the sides.

Measures are pretty accurate +/- 0.1gr with flake and spherical powders. You can try extruded powder and it will get as much as +/- 0.5gr difference between charges. It looks great as well.

The only plastic pieces are the lid and powder filling tube. Cleaning is fairly simple. The nice unit that gives accurate results.

This product is very solid and well built. This thing works like a dream. it is very accurate – easily to within 0.1 grains with repeatable delivery even with extruded powders.

This power dump works perfectly with any pistol powder. Even the extremely fine ones like H110. I’ve used red dot, unique, bullseye, and H110 with this unit and had no problems. Be sure to disassemble the powder measure chambers and clean them thoroughly with alcohol before you use this.

Lyman Powder Measure will make your heavy-duty job easy. It is a quality powder measure at a very reasonable price. This product will give you an exact amount with a smooth action.

  • Consistent accuracy
  • Works the same with any stick powder.
  • Include the baffle
  • Comes with a thread adapter
  • 200-grain metering capacity
  • The clear plastic reservoir is not removable

5. LEE PRECISION 90100 – Best Powder Measure Kit

Frankford Arsenal Platinum SeriesLEE PRECISION is a famous brand in the market. LEE PRECISION 90100 Powder Measure Kit is an amazing kit for reloading your bullet. By using this powder measure kit you will be able to reload your bullets quickly and easily.

When handloading these are an absolute necessity. You can use the one that, level, gives just under the desired load. Dump it into the pan then trickle up to the desired weight. Having all the sizes makes it easy to get close but not over.

You can buy this powder measure kit and use it for years. If you load your bullets only once in a while, then this product is perfect for you.

While the product is simple, it is well done. These powder measures are calibrated scoops with specific cc measurements by volume. They come with a handy slide-card for approximate powder weights in grains by powder brand and model.

If power sticks to plastic, such as these cups, soak the diapers in a quart of luke-warm water to which you’ve added a squeeze of Dawn. Then remove the dippers, shake, and allow to air dry. Or you can wipe them with a once-used anti-static drier (softener) sheet. Either will safely dissipate the static charge which can build up on plastic.

Smokeless powder is meant to be measured by weight. These cups are a clever workaround. Black powder and Pyrodex, however, are measured by volume expressed in grains. Don’t be so cheap: buy a good, dedicated, calibrated brass BP measure

The listed grain weights are, necessary, averaged. For exact measurements, you’ll need to verify with a powder scale. The scoops are sturdy and pour well into shotgun shells. If you want to reload your pistols or rifles, then you need to measure accurately.

These are a great tool. You will find 15 graduated powder dippers from .3cc to 4.3cc. You can use these diapers as you need. It takes a little practice to get your technique down but once you do, they are spot on.

You need to be careful about the dippers. After using the dippers keep it into a safe place. Make sure you won’t lose any of those.

You’re definitely getting more than you pay for with this set of measures. They are durable, reasonably accurate, and come with a sliding chart that guides the user in matching any of a number of powder selections to the proper measure.

This provides a great and fast way to accurately load powder into a cartridge. Make sure you insert the scoop bottom first into the powder and allow the powder to fill the scoop by running into it over the sides.

In this manner, you are not packing the powder and are getting the correct amount of powder. If you thrust the dipper down into the powder and scoop it out, you will pack the powder in the scoop and dump too much powder into the case.

In that manner, your cases contain differing amounts of powder and, consequently, you have different velocities and different impact locations. It would be nice if there was a pistol and rifle version because you can use smaller scoops and less large scoops.

If you reload both pistol and rifle, this kit will probably be much more valuable to you. Also LEE PRECISION 90100 Powder Measure Kit is affordable. If your budget is low and you want a perfect powder measure kit, then this product is perfect for you.

  • 15 powder dippers from .3cc to 4.3cc
  • The scoops are sturdy and pour well
  • Slide card included
  • Speeds up reloading
  • The dippers are clearly marked & accurate
  • Some loads fall between the scoop sizes
  • Probably you will need a scale

Best Powder Measure For Reloading – Buyer’s Guide

You need to search for the following features while picking the best powder measure.

If you are buying this for the first time you should not only aware of the advantages of powder measure but also aware of the accuracy of it.

Bottom Line

Making a decision about which powder measure is the best for you is not an easy job, but we tried our best to recommend the best one. If you are not exactly sure which one to get, we recommend the LEE PRECISION 90058 which is our first choice.

In case you feel that we left out some other great powder measure, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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