7 Best Ingrown Toenail Tools – Buyer’s Guide

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Prices for ingrown toenail tools range from inexpensive to costly. We hope this list helps you pick out the best-ingrown toenail tools.

Best Ingrown Toenail Tools Review 2023

When it comes to buying ingrown toenail tools, the experience is a little different than other foot, hand, nail care products.

But, exactly how to select the appropriate ingrown toenail tools? As you can visualize, there are hundreds of different models out there.

However, when you are buying ingrown toenail, you need to keep some things in mind.

Look at the comparison table. I will provide you with more information that will help you in our Buyer’s Guide later.

Product NameMaterialTools Kit AmountCurrent Price
Bcabo Toenail Tools Surgical Grade Stainless Steel 8 Pcs Check Price
SZQHT Toenail Clipper Surgical Grade Stainless Steel 2 Pcs Check Price
ZIZZON Toenail Tools Stainless Steel 2 Pcs Check Price
Dualeco Tool Kit Surgical Grade Stainless Steel 7 Pcs Check Price
FAMILIFE Toenail Tools Stainless Steel 2 Pcs Check Price
BEZOX Toenail Tools Surgical Grade Stainless Steel 2 Pcs Check Price
Zizzili Basics Toenail Clippers Stainless Steel 1 Pcs Check Price

1. Bcabo Upgraded 8Pcs/set – Best Ingrown Toenail Tools Kit

7 Best Ingrown Toenail Tools - Buyer’s Guide 3Bcabo is a good company. Home Treatment for Ingrown Toenail: With user manual inside.

Professional pedicure set adopt lever mechanics to change the angle of nail growth, provide great care for your nails to keep the nail healthy, you can relieve the outgrow of toenails by yourself.

These professional pedicure tools are made of surgical grade stainless steel with polishing finished. easy to use, rust-proof, water-proof, corrosion-resistant, and easy to sanitize.

Double sized nail lifter can clean the dirt under the toenail, lifts toenail, keep nails neatly, prevent future ingrown infection and toenail pain.

According to the customer review, I want yall to know. I don’t leave reviews. I’ve had an ingrown toenail stuck well for about 2 years now. Pain level 10 of 10 easy. This kit came in today and I used the nail puller (torture looking device).

After about 2 mins of slow pulling and a little pain, it popped out. Honestly, I was shocked. 100% works when nothing else would. High-quality stuff with great packaging. Trust me it’s worth the purchase.

I’ve been suffering from ingrown toenail for years, it’s painful but didn’t realize I need these tools until I saw it on Amazon, and find it amazing!

love the clipper, it’s sharp, double side lifter is easy to clean my toenail corner. The nail corrector is really a magic tool, looks strange but very useful,
I search the tutorial video on Youtube and find it’s easy to use. It’s really helping me.

The package looks beautiful and I think I would buy one set for my mother and father. The ingrown kit includes 6pcs items and very good stainless steel. If you buy them separately, will cost you a lot more. Definitely worth buying!! Recommend!!

Bought with a doubtful mind and when arrived, the quality of the clipper, the lifter, and packaging really surprised me. Bought two without hesitation and no regret. The most important part is to know how to use it properly and don’t expect to get the biggie fixed at one use. Soak with warm water first until your nail is softened then lift the corner to slide in the puller slowly until it gets a good grip.

Slowly tighten the screw to the point you feel like the nail is straight or clear. Keep for a while to let the nail form the shape and do it daily at least once until the nail is clear and in good formation.

It is not a one day magic so be mindful before using it. I am glad I got the toenail fixed from the deformed growth after my toenail was ripped out.

Used this kit along with Dr. Scholl’s ingrown gel and soaking in Epsom salts with tea tree oil to clear up a bad ingrown toenail on my daughter. Good tools, used with caution, and slowly each day to gently pull out the nail and keep it growing straight. Keeping this kit on hand if it happens again!

I really love the nail cleaner with ingrown toenail hook lifter. It is designed so that ends can be switched for working right or left sides. The screw-type ingrown toenail lifter does work, with a joint design cleverly executed to manipulate for different positions needed for various toe widths.

The box is really high-quality, excellent for gifting or storage if desired, with precision-cut foam to prevent components from rattling. I am pleased with this set as money well-spent.

I had an incredibly painful ingrown toenail that hurt just to feel the air blowing on it. The corner just kept digging deeper and deeper. I tried Dr. Scholl’s ingrown toenail gel that others purchase along with this product but it did nothing to soften up my toenail (I think I have harder nails than average).

At first, I tried using the “torture” device this came with but it was impossible to use with how much pain I had. I even tried numbing it so that I could stick it under. Well, that was the incorrect way to use this tool.

First, you have to clip the corner that’s aching (duh, silly me). The clippers that come with this were by far the best part of this set. I had tried using regular fingernail clippers but it was too painful. With the clippers in this kit, I was able to very carefully clip less than a millimeter at a time until I reached the end of the ingrown part and it came off cleanly.

Immediately, the throbbing pain was gone. What a relief. I let it heal for about four days and then was brave enough to try the torture tool again. It actually wasn’t too bad. It felt mildly uncomfortable to use at first but I figured the discomfort was going to be worth it. Well, I’m typing this five days after using the torture tool and can say that I’ve had ZERO pain from this pesky toenail since using it.

I have been plagued with ingrown toenails my whole life. During the spring and summer months, I wear flip flops and sandals but during the colder months, I wear socks and shoes which causes my toenails to get smooshed together and voila- ingrown toenail.

A week ago I felt one coming on so I tried to dig it out. The only thing that happened was an infection. Two days of soaking my foot to soften the nail and try to get the pus out. Tried to make appt. with a podiatrist only to be told he could see me in 2-3 weeks.

Are you kidding me, my toe is infected? Forget that. Then I started searching online for home remedies and medications for ingrown toenails. I love Amazon, there it was, Ingrown toenail 6 piece toolset.

I followed directions and was able to lift out the ingrown part of my big toenail and felt immediate relief. Inexpensive item but worth its weight in gold. That one little barbaric looking little tool is priceless. I would give this item 10 stars if I could.

This is a MUST BUY!!! I just used this for the first time since ordering it about a month ago and I’m here to tell you, if you get CONSTANT and painful to remove ingrown toenails as I do, you MUST BUY THIS. I usually drink a lot of alcohol just to deal with the amount of pain I experience when removing my ingrown toenails.

With this AMAZING set, it was 1,000 times less painful than usual and I didn’t have to drink myself silly. I wish I would have seen this long ago. FINALLY, a toolset that actually helps minimize the pain of the Savage removals I’ve had to endure every other month. this even includes a toenail corrector tool which I plan on beginning to use next on my next ingrown toenail.

Came in a small black box and the slick design looks great. As for the product itself, each of the tools to the touch feels great (metal) and not flimsy or poorly crafted. The file is fantastic.

It is thick and really smooths my nails without feeling like sandpaper. As for the ingrown toenail correcter, I was skeptical but after 2 tests/reading the instructions I was able to use it to lift and straighten out my toenail.

And after slowly tightening the tool I could feel and physically see (through a mirror) my toenail was straightened out and lifting itself from the buried corner.

As for the other tools they do the job. I’m am very happy with the product and have no complaints about any of the tools. Would definitely recommend it.

  • Premium surgical grade stainless steel material
  • Home Treatment for Ingrown Toenail
  • Prevent The Further Infection
  • Special long curved blade
  • Ingrown Toenail Corrector
  • Come with no instructions
  • The curved handles are too smooth and slippery to hold securely

2. SZQHT Toenail Clipper – Best Toenail Clipper Tool

best https://amzn.to/3huFbbZSZQHT is one of the best companies in the market right now. Its jaw opens up to over 20mm wide and the top of the blades are slightly curved to contour around your nails. It is very easy to maneuver and guaranteed to always provide a clean and smooth cut. It is also great for fixing ingrown toenails.

Length 4.13 inches, Good Leverage makes it very easy to clip nails of all sizes, making it the best toenail clippers for thick nails, ingrown toenails and they can assist in toenail fungus treatment as needed.

Sharp, hand-sharpened cutting edges give you a smooth, clean-cut on hard and thick fingernails or toenails without pulling or tearing nail; Precision aligned blades have a slight curve to contour nails; Pointed end of the blade makes easier trimming of ingrown nails and sensitive areas

According to Customers Review

Behold, the heavens opened and Thor came down to earth and slammed down into our Earth. What brought him here? Why he needed some clippers to cut his nails, for Asgard in all its glory had failed to make him nail clippers suitable for his above-average nails.

Low and behold, he has gifted a pair of these SZQHT clippers and he began to try and trim his mammoth talons. Expecting nothing to be able to take the horns coming from his toes, he was shocked when these gnarly things not only cut through his nails but cut through them like a hot knife through butter.

He finished cutting his nails, and left them here on Earth, not daring to take them with him, saying “something that can cut through this malignant of a nail is ungodly and shalt not be brought to Asgard.” Lucky for us, they decided to sell them to us peasants. Take Thor’s nail cutters and clip away good friends, clip away.

My big toe got injured a few years ago and the nail had since turned into a thick monstrosity to the point where I would avoid going barefoot anywhere. My regular nail clipper couldn’t fit around the sheer girth of this nuisance nail.

Finally, it got into my head that there must be a nail clipper developed big enough for this kind of thing, so I ordered this bad boy and it worked perfectly. I was able to cut the nail down to the fleshy connective bits. Now it’s not nearly as unpleasant looking.

You will receive these in a felt bag which is inside a metal tube. Very Nice. The quality is very good. These things cut through one of my tough toenails like butter. The wide-open jaws really help out.

I would say if you get close to any of your skin you will lose some of it. The spring mechanism needs to be flipped over before you use them. After each use, you flip it back over for storage. These should last years. Very good value.

The sales process was flawless and when I opened the box to find a cylinder storage tin, I was definitely impressed! Then I opened it to see the actual tool and I was stunned. The craftsmanship, the materials used! If my friend didn’t need this help so badly I never would have applied this beauty to toenails!!!

Let’s get down to basics: it does open wider than anything of its kind and it is sharper and delivers the cut with super precision. It makes a tough job easy-as-pie. No pulling, no yanking the last tiny piece of nail to disengage. Don’t be afraid of it – but do start with little bitty cuts until you feel confident with its ability.

It is amazing. If you have any need for a nail trimmer for thick nails – buy this right now. You will not ever regret it. I loved the look of this clipper, thinking of adding it to my travel dop kit. But it’s really large and doesn’t fold down the way that I hoped. With that said, the quality of this clipper is second to none. It should last until I’m 6 feet under.

I actually bought these to trim my small dog’s nails because the regular dog nail trimmer freaks me out. Regular toenail clippers just didn’t open quite wide enough These were perfect! They open very wide and are super sharp.

There were several styles to choose from. Some looked like a yard tool but this one seemed right for me. My first clip assured me that I had made the right choice. A very fine and heavy-duty quality trimmer.

This clipper is very easy to use! I have severe arthritis and have had two total knee replacements. But my main problem now is in my hands. I can no longer do anything that requires a firm grip or fine motor skills. My fingers just don’t work any longer. I have been unable to cut my toenails in at least a year.

I have tried many different kinds of clippers, but none of them were “user friendly” to my crippled hands. Until now. I am amazed at how easy these are to hold and cutting the nail requires very little pressure. It seems to work on the fulcrum principle so requires very little effort to get desired results. I highly recommend these to anyone, especially those with “hand issues”.

I have very thick toenails due to nail fungus and over the years I have tried various types of clippers and nail files with frustratingly poor results. These clippers do the job! They are extra wide to get a good grip and the super-sharp blades cut right through my thick nails.

The included nail file helps with the trimming, although it would be more effective if it were coarser — but that’s a minor quibble, considering the effectiveness of the clippers. I consider them to be a great find and well worth the price.

  • Ideal for thick nails
  • Sharp, hand-sharpened cutting edges
  • Ergonomic and easy grip
  • Premium grade stainless steel made
  • Safe and secure storage
  • No warranty
  • Difficult to keep the clipper open and position it correctly

3. ZIZZON Toenail Tools – Best Ingrown Toenail File and Lifter

Best Ingrown Toenail File and Lifter

ZIZZON is a good company. It will help you to leave away from the pain and discomfort caused by ingrown toenails, 100% professional stainless steel to guarantee a safe sterilization issue.

Lift ingrown part away from the skin. Not only a lifter but also an amazing nail cleaner. Double curved ends are mirrors for both left and right foot. With little spoons on it curved end’s that make it gets under even the closest toenail to grab even the smallest bits of debris

According to Customers Review

The lifting tool is AMAZING! These tools came up as a suggestion when I was purchasing a new gel manicure lamp and a bunch of gel polish supplies. I’ve struggled with ingrown toenails for about 18 years so I figured why not give it a shot! I am so glad I did!

The lifting tool worked better than anything I’ve ever tried before and made it super easy to lift the nail and cut it away! I’ve lived with constant pain from the ingrown nails for years, like even a light blanket brushing my toes would send me up a wall, and found immediate relief after using this thing! I highly recommend it!

The lifting tool is AMAZING! These tools came up as a suggestion when I was purchasing a new gel manicure lamp and a bunch of gel polish supplies. I’ve struggled with ingrown toenails for about 18 years so I figured why not give it a shot! I am so glad I did! The lifting tool worked better than anything I’ve ever tried before and made it super easy to lift the nail and cut it away!

I’ve lived with constant pain from the ingrown nails for years, like even a light blanket brushing my toes would send me up a wall, and found immediate relief after using this thing! I highly recommend it!

These tools are great! I have not researched how to use all of them but I was able to get rid of the ingrown toenail quickly. In the past, I was going to the nail salon often for a pedicure in order to get rid of the ingrown toenail. I used the tools and was able to get the skin out and relieve the pain. It has been 3 weeks since I removed the ingrown nail myself and I am still pain-free. Glad I bought these tools –great investment!

I loved the little files on the tips of one of the tools. When I ordered them, I thought they looked so small and didn’t think they would be effective. Boy, was I wrong? They worked so good filing the edge of my toenail that is prone to an ingrown nail (after three surgeries, it still continues to give me trouble).

I loved the little lifters as well. I was so happy after using them once, I told my whole family about them. My daughter-in-law asked me to order her a set. These are a great product.

I just had a baby and my feet are all out of wack, resulting in two extremely bad ingrown toenails. Worse than I’ve ever had. I ordered these tools and they came faster than amazon predicted AND they are the real deal.

I was able to use the lifter to dig into an already infected and very sore toe and dig it all out because this tool is so gentle and it is not sharp so it doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think to get in there and touch sore areas. The other toe was too bad to do on my own so I went to the doctor and BOOM! She had THE same tool!! Definitely recommend for those of you struggling with ingrown toenails and also if you’re like me and get them a lot!

These really saved my toe from a ton of pain. My toenail fell off last year after dropping a box on it, and as the new nail grew in, it became ingrown and started growing into my skin.

It was extremely painful and I kept trying to cut the edge off with nail clippers, which seemed to help temporarily but as it grew again and started hurting. It was so painful that I would almost cry if my boyfriend accidentally stepped on my foot or if I banged it on something.

These tools are the only things that helped!!!! I bought these after searching on YouTube for “how to fix ingrown toenails” and I found some videos showing doctors using these tools on their patients. These files fit right down into the sidewalls of your toenail and you can gently file in an outward pulling motion to make sure the edges are completely smooth so they don’t cut your skin as they grow in.

It was painful to get the tool in there and file since my toe was already really irritated from the ingrown nail, but I just sucked it up and got in there real good cus I knew it needed to be done.

I’d rather just deal with the pain of filing it down in order to stop the future pain!! My toenail is now completely grown out and there’s no more pain at all after filing both sides. The other tool also is perfect for cleaning out under your nails when doing a pedicure! Great purchase and seriously saved me a ton of pain.

I purchased these with a pair of Toenail Clippers with Curve Diagonal Blade for Ingrown Toenails and once used, I wish I had had both for my adult life to remove my ingrown nail on the inside of my big toe.

I won’t say what I had been going to dig the ignorant buggers out before. These tools are THE BEST for prying the ingrown nail out to remove it with WAY fewer efforts or issues than I had been doing it.

I’ve been having issues with an ingrown toenail for over a year now. I mainly bought this set for the file, it can be a little sore to do but I was watching a YouTube video and found that filing/rounding out the edges (left and right sides) of the toenail will help with the pain and pressure.

The tools are sturdy and do not feel cheap, there are grips on the side to help it from slipping. I wish it was a little more curved at the ends of the file. It’s best to clean and dry the tools after each use. Overall it’s worked for me and I would recommend it to someone looking for a home solution to manage an ingrown toenail.

My husband has a really bad stubborn ingrown toenail. We bought this kit and it’s the best thing ever! Normally I am only able to cut a little bit out giving him only a little relief. But this took kit, I got out so much and it didn’t hurt him either. Highly recommend!!!

  • 100% professional stainless steel
  • Not only a lifter but also an amazing nail cleaner
  • Specially designed file relieves the pressure of ingrown toenail
  • Both lifter and file are 6.5″ long
  • Easy to use
  • No instruction manual
  • No warranty

4. Ingrown Toenail Tool Kit – Professional Toe Nail Clipper Set

Dualeco is a nice company. Dualeco professional ingrown toenail tool kit is made of heavy-duty surgical grade stainless steel with polishing finished. It’s durable, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, and easy to sanitize; Just soak the toenail tool kit in alcohol-water for mins and wipe clean with medical cotton and alcohol.

The most valuable ingrown toenail tools kit in the market with the most tools (7 Pcs) in 1 Kit. Dualeco professional ingrown toenail tool kit contains 7 useful tools for daily nail care and 1 detailed manual.

According to Customers Review

I’m an avid backpacker, and there’s nothing worse than getting an ingrown toenail while on a trip in the depths of the backwoods. Usually, I can treat myself with my regular tweezers and clippers, but this one was very painful after having hiked many miles on steep inclines – to the point I was limping.

I needed something ultra-thin to wedge between the embedded nail and the extremely tender (and now swollen) skin. I debated the doctor when I ordered this, but it arrived so quickly that I decided to self treat.

I soaked my foot in warm-hot Epsom salt water for 20 minutes before I even attempted to treat the nail. The utensils were so thin but not sharp which meant they fit easily between the nail and the nailbed without piercing me like a needle.

I gently lifted the nail and was able to use the plier-looking clippers to clip the nail. Wow! Those handled clippers are so sharp- they cut through the nail like paper. It was so easy.

I treated the nail with antibacterial ointment and I kid you not – ALL pain was gone in 15 minutes. I was back on the trail in no time not feeling any pain whatsoever. I never figured out that “nail reshaper” doohickey, but I don’t care, it was the 2 long “picks” and the super sharp plier-cutters that did the trick. Non-slip grip and quality material. I highly recommend it!!

Worked like a charm. Had an ingrown nail for over a year. I had been digging it out every few months and I hated it because it was so sore. I thought I would take a chance with this set and I’m glad that I did.

The quality is amazing. I would have paid 3 times the amount on quality alone. I followed the directions and was somewhat intimidated at first trying to get the little hooks under the nail because it was sore.

It took a couple of times but I finally got them hooked and started tightening until I got pressure and repeated this every ten minutes for approximately 30 minutes then I saw the jagged little nail edge that was causing the problem.

As of now I have zero pain but will have to repeat in a few months because I was cutting at it prior to getting these tools. Now im kinda looking forward to using these again because I know there will be little to no pain next time

Due to our current nation’s utter lack of real health care, anything we are able to school ourselves towards might be a good idea. Ever since relocating to a Republican state, doctors are for one lowly lacking in any sort of compassion, and secondly and frankly skills.

During the course of all these recent transitions in relocating, and trying to find adequate medical teams, I have neglected my very personal needs. I guess after the actual death of my aunt, due to complex matters having to do with her feet.

It was a wake-up call for me. I made this purchase and it excelled my expectations. I thought it might be a temporary solution while getting a team together. This lovely pedicure and medial grade equipment has given me the freedom to choose between seeking further medical help or taking it on myself. Thank you I will remain a proud member of Amazon Prime and will suggest this kit to members of my family.

I bought this for an ingrown toenail that probably needs outside assistance. I mean, do you know how much a podiatrist visit costs? This kit has been a godsend. I haven’t used the menacing-looking corkscrew contraption yet, as I’m still feeling intimidated by it lol.

However, the rest of the tools are fabulous. The clippers are durable and can cut through anything. The dual-ended tools serve multi-purposes, making this well worth its price tag.

I’ve been able to keep my ingrown toenail from getting any further ingrown and have managed to alleviate one altogether. It’s a great lot for anyone with well, toenails good, bad, or ugly. I’ll keep you posted on the corkscrew apparatus!

Back to the podiatrist I went, since the big toenail, he removed early this year is growing out strangely/thickly and I couldn’t figure out what had gone south. He told me I could either work on it or that he could, but I wouldn’t like what he’d need to do.

I came home, determined to try to circumvent another toenail removal. Enter the kit, quickly purchased. I used the skinny file as much as I could stand it since the area was so painful.

Eventually, I managed to file down the front & corner of the nail so it became thinner and more flexible. Then I could remove the protruding portions from the flesh where they had embedded themselves. A few weeks later, I had to go another round, but this tool is helping me manage the issues until hopefully, the thick portion of my nail can grow out.

I ordered on February 22 and it came the next day (I have prime so don’t know what the shipping is for regular customers) everything was intact and nicely packaged it came in a cute black box with a removable top (like a jewelry gift box) all the tools sit snug in a nice velvety bed. Everything looks sturdy, clean, and easy to use. I will do an updated review when I do use them! I have no complaints so I highly recommend it!

I got a really horrible pedicure several years ago where the nail tech cut too much skin on the side of my big toe, resulting in an ingrown toenail. I went to the podiatrist and she removed part of my nail which took over a year and a half to grow back.

I was finally able to get pedicures again and found a great nail tech who knew how to deal with my ingrown nail. Fast forward with Covid I was not able to see him and he’s now moved away to another state. I went on Amazon to see if I could fix my ingrown myself and found this kit.

It comes with 7 instruments, is sturdy, and fairly easy to use. I first disinfected the instruments with isopropyl alcohol and was able to get some relief from my ingrown toenail. I am too scared to use the screw torture thing on my toe but maybe one day. I wish I had found this sooner so I could have relief earlier!

I bought this item recently because I realized my toenail had become ingrown. The first time I had an ingrown toenail was after an exercise accident and it required surgery. Now that it happened again I didn’t want to go through surgery again and these tools really helped!

The clippers are really sharp so they do need to be used cautiously, but the rest of the tools are all you need to get rid of that ingrown toenail. Just make sure you monitor your nails and maintain them to avoid future incidents.

I bought this because I was in so much pain I had to do something. It is a little tricky using the toenail corrector, but once it’s one it works. They have these little thin files that come with it, in which you can get way down along the side of the nail.

This helps tremendously because a lot of pain comes from the little barbs along the side of the nail that digs into the skin. Once you manage to get the corrector in place let it sit for about 15 minutes while soaking your foot.

When I took it off I thought it didn’t work because I was still in a lot of pain, but that was from the irritation of messing with the nail with all those tools. About three hours after using it I put on a pair of shoes and was so relieved. No pain at all. One down note, the Clippers suck.

I regret not purchasing this sooner! My nails needed this so much. All of these tools are usable for my mani/pediatrics. I used to go to nail salons and get my nails done but I wanna save and I do it at home now.

Every Sunday is my soapbox day at home after the kids go to bed and i watch a tv show while i use these tools to work on my nails. If you’re not familiar with nail tools its still very easy to learn.before and after use plz sanitize.

At the time of this review, I have not yet used the kit. The only thing I can say at this point is the craftsmanship of each tool is a beautiful design. They feel strong & sturdy & the case looks like a true gift box. Inside is all velvet to the touch. The case has slots for each item to snuggly fit & store in. At this time I am very pleased with the product.

This kit is even better than one similar I bought a while back for my wife due to the fact that it includes that two ended file and blade for ingrown toenails. The little vise/puller is either for masochists or plain useless but overall quality and value for money spent is unbeatable.

  • Premium Material With Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • 7Pcs Professional Pedicure Tools
  • Professional Clipper For Ingrown Nail
  • 30-DAYS refund without reason
  • 1-YEAR free replacement
  • Very cheap
  • The long file doesn’t go all the way to the end on each side
  • Some tools difficult to use

5. FAMILIFE L07 100% Stainless Steel Ingrown Toenail – File and Lifter Double Sided with Storage Case

FAMILIFE is a nice company. These FAMILIFE professional pedicure tools are made of 100% professional surgical grade stainless steel and polished. Easy to use, rustproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, easy to sanitize; allow you to delicately treat sensitive areas easily. The tools and case are well-made, also could as a gift for your family and friends, As a mother’s day, father’s Day gift

The Ingrown toenail file is separately designed with one straight end and one curved end to meet different demands. The cured radian design, joint the nail, and can enter into the nail to file away and shine ingrown edges or thick part which dig into the nail, and ingrown toenail lifter is designed with cured little spoons to grab debris or dirty inside nails. Provide great care for your nails to keep the nail healthy, relief the outgrow of toenails by yourself

According to Customers Review

I’ve dealt with ingrown toenails all my life. I’ve done everything to get them out. I’ve sat on my leg to make it go to sleep so I could dig them out. I’ve soaked them to cut them out. These tools are a miracle. It takes less than 5 minutes now with no pain. These tools are amazing.

I have now tried the file and toenail lifter several times. I like them. The lifter is smooth and gets under the nail better than the point of a nail file. It is easier on the sensitive skin around the nail. This surprised and delighted me.

The toenail file is great for getting under the nail tip to clean out debris from fungus and dead skin. Having a curved file is helpful, as is a straight edge. I can do a better job of getting under the nail. Bought a set for my wife too. She has not tried it yet. Never-the-less, I can say I am glad I bought this product.

These tools work so much better than using a nail file to clear compaction and a lot less pain! The curved end of this tool seemed very small compared to the ones professionals use, but it worked out great for me. The tools and case are well-made. I would definitely recommend them.

My sister bought this ingrown nail kit decided to buy my own. Delivery arrived early, which gave me time to deal with 2 nails. I like that there is a cleaner that gently lifts ingrown nail, plus it includes a file that files down nail. Highly recommended for those who suffer from ingrown nails.

I wish I would have known about this great item sooner. I highly recommend purchasing as it’s the best tools thus far I’ve found and used for removing and managing ingrown toenails. I used this kit for the 1st time yesterday, the day it arrived and I can honestly say I feel zero pain today when wearing closed-toe shoes.

Highly recommend. I don’t have a big recurring problem with ingrown toenails, and asking people had me thinking I’d basically have to perform self-surgery to fix the issue, but not so much.

Ordered this, watched a video, did what it said and the next day I was sore but not in pain, and a couple of days later was 100%. Definitely recommend over some other popular remedies.

I have suffered from ingrown toenails for 35 years. I purchased this set in 2018 after I couldn’t get a podiatrist appointment and several pedicure techs failed to do a good job with the ingrown toenails.

These are the best tools ever. I have owned similar sets that ended up in the garbage.
Since this purchase, I only go for pedicures on special occasions, mostly I just do it myself now. I don’t have as many ingrown now and when I do, these tools make it very easy to correct.

I can contest to the quality and durability of the product. Today, I came to Amazon in search of a new cuticle pusher and immediately thought of Familie. Easy to use, strong, durable, nice case, easy to clean. I highly recommend it!

This is exactly what the doctor ordered! I was dealing with a failed attempt at removing an ingrown nail, which made it worst. After watching a few YouTube videos made by actual podiatrists, they all used this exact tool to deal with ingrown toenails.

So I pulled the trigger, went to work on the nail with my new tool, and now cured!! Definitely recommend just remember to take it slow when filing the nail to avoid poking the tender toe meat as I did.

Great to use for a person who suffers from toenail issues. Have used it a handful of times now and has helped relieve pain and pressure I can have on my big toenails because of my curvy nails.

These tools are magical. I didn’t know something simple like this existed to help manage ingrown toenails. My mind is boggled at how easy it was to make my toe situation better. I Would definitely recommend it. I also bought a cheap box of alcohol wipes to clean the tools on Amazon. It comes with instructions but was somewhat intuitive once you start using them.

I was concerned that these would be cheaply made and the file wouldn’t work. I was wrong. The file is plenty sharp enough to do what it needs to do. I also like that they came with a case to store them in and keep them clean.

Good quality. Works just as good as done more expensive implement. This kit is terrific for travel if you have toenail maintenance issues as I do. I bought this to make sure I had the file every time I travel.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy To Use
  • Ingrown Toenail Corrector Set Maintenance
  • User Instruction And Storage Case
  • 100% professional surgical grade stainless steel
  • Pretty cheap
  • Harder to use the file

6. BEZOX Ingrown Toenail Tools – Best Toenail Lifter and Toenail File Set

BEZOX is a good company. Professional and healthy tools to treat your ingrown toenails and alleviate pain, designed and crafted in collaboration with expert podiatrists.
Nail lifter lifts the ingrown nail away from the skin to make it easier to cut the ingrown nails.

Also, it helps to clean the debris and dust between nail and skin, the curved end with a little spoon can get the debris out, even the tiny in the gab of nail and skin.
Ingrown toenail file relieves the pressure of ingrown toenail, file away, and shine ingrown edges or thick part. Prevent ingrown toenails from digging into the skin and becomes infected.

According to Customers Review

I thought these nippers seemed a bit pricey to me when I was searching but I was tired of constantly replacing cheaper versions I had before and decided to give these a shot. They are WELL WORTH the money.

Everyone knows that the professional quality manicure tools are the best and sharpest around, and I believe this set of nippers is no different. They come in a tin case with a lid and are resting in foam padding to protect the tip and blades.

They include an extra spring for the handle as well. The actual nippers will work for anything from delicate cuticles to tougher jobs such as toes and ingrown nails as well. They are made of stainless steel and they have a good sharp point for detail work and a wide mouth to get even the toughest toenails.

The handles instead of being a straight metal that can dig into your palm during use and be painful, have made the handles with covers that have a nice soft grip and are easy to hold and use.

Because they are stainless you can easily rinse them underwater or disinfect them with chemicals. They are a perfect addition to the home manicure and pedicure kit. The blades are nice and sharp and I plan to send them out from time to time for professional sharpening. They may seem expensive but I think they are well worth every penny for the quality I see and have now experienced in using this nipper.

This is by far the best nail cutter I ever had. I have been looking and hoping someday somebody out there will make our life easy to cut those big tough toenails. Finally guys this is the one.

For those who have difficulty in bending and cutting your toenails at the edges. This precision nail cutter will take care of it no struggling, no short of breath in bending, no struggling with your belly getting in the way. This one can cut at any angle without accidentally cutt8ng your cuticle.

Suffer no more guys! It’s about time cutting your toenails is a breeze. Fabulous! Makes a distasteful job a breeze. I bought these nippers in order to cut his toenails.

He has dementia and cannot groom himself. I tried all sorts of other clippers but found that they were inadequate to clip his thick nails. It would take an hour to chip away at them. I received these nippers a few days ago. It only took me about 15 minutes to complete this task. Not so bad anymore.

It works well and has a problem with very thick toenails I’m on my feet a lot. And my nails get very thick and those other clippers just don’t do the job. These work great quick and easy.

Now I can clip my nails so my shoes are comfortable again. How thick are my nails and not to be gross? But at one time they were nearly an inch thick. And these sliced right through. It works great and they come in a box with a tip guard even better.

I purchased these clippers because of my arthritis in my hands. These clippers are very sharp and need little of the strength that most clippers need.
With the fat handle grip, I also use them for my fingernails for a more controlled trim job.

I have never owned toenail clippers before. There were a lot of options out there when surfing the internet. Bought this one because one of my friends recommended it to me. Quality made, nice storing box, and strong clipping, at a very reasonable price. Good buy. Highly recommended.

Very good product. Easy to handle cuts nail easily and with precision. This is the best nail cutter ever. I’m so happy about it and I shared it with my friends and they love it too. I just ordered me another 4 pcs and I already bought 4 pcs in my last order. Top of the line!!!!

I have had ingrown toenails forever and what I found out there were specific files you could use to get rid of them I found these. They are sturdy, decent weight, and do the job. Within 10 minutes I took care of both sides on my big toes and there’s now less pressure on each side.

Anyone should definitely try this first before considering surgery for ingrown toenails. I would recommend watching videos on how to use them if you’re a visual learner like me. The directions the product comes with say to use the lifer that comes with it but I did not have to, it might just be optional depending on your toenails.

Very easy to use, comfortable to hold, built to last. Cuts through toenails of any thickness or hardness super easy, like a hot knife through butter. Comes in a nice aluminum storage box with a lid.

Easy to use on yourself if you can reach your toes. Best toenail cutter brand I have ever owned. Bezox is a well recognized high-quality brand. Precision-built to last a lifetime.

Excellent toenail clippers! It is very sharp and the shape of the clipper is perfect. Handle makes it easy to hold, and spring makes it easy to cut even the hardest thickest toenails.

Good workmanship and materials. Surprising, actually, for the price. Sturdy instruments. I liked that they are in the tin box—easy to transport. It is a great tool. These clippers are really great.

  • Designed and crafted in collaboration with expert podiatrists
  • Helps to clean the debris and dust
  • The medical-grade, rust, and corrosion-resistant
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime replacement warranty
  • Easy to use.
  • You have to use it a couple of times before you know how to use it correctly

7. Zizzili Basics Toenail Clippers – Best For Thick or Ingrown Toenail

Zizzili Basics is a nice company. Perfect toenail nipper for your thick or ingrown toenails due to fungus, diabetes, paronychia, aging, and other health concerns; wide jaw opens up to 1 inch so you can easily trim even the toughest nails; Assist in ingrown toenail treatment as needed.

Soft grip rubber handle fits comfortably in your hand, making these toenail clippers easy to control and requiring less effort to cut; no more worries of pedicure tools slipping out of your hand; ideal for elderly or those with weak hand strength.

According to Customers review

These are the best toenail clippers I’ve ever used. Compared to the best clippers I had previously bought in stores, these have a sharper tip, a better safety cap, better tension, and superior handle grips.

Sharp blade, as well. This is necessary for me because I can’t get the right leverage for all of my toes. I’m a plus-size senior citizen with arthritis, so I had almost given up on being able to cut my own toenails properly.

This clipper will cut, as long as I position it carefully, even when I don’t have much leverage and can’t apply a lot of pressure. SAFETY CAP: With other clippers, I’ve often stabbed myself looking for them in my drawer.

Worse yet, the tips quickly become dull. Not with these! The sturdy, slightly pliable plastic cover protects them well, and it doesn’t fall off in the drawer or suitcase. It is transparent, though, so I used Sharpies to decorate mine and help prevent loss.

I’ve used these clippers for only two weeks, so I can’t guarantee how long they will last, but for now, when the tension lever is in place, the tension is stronger than my previous brand ever had.

This is another reason why I can cut my toenails even without ideal positioning. SUPERIOR HANDLE GRIPS: Zizzili clippers do NOT have a soft, cushioned handle; however, the shape is comfortable, the surface is easy to grip (unlike bare metal), and the grip is thick enough to allow for excellent control.

Unlike my previous clippers, whose cushioned handle grips slip off after a few weeks of use, these have a handle grip that is permanently attached. CAUTION: Because of the firm tension and sharp tip, I cannot recommend these clippers to anyone with a condition that could cause unsteady hands.

In fact, I couldn’t recommend ANY clippers in such a case; you need a professional or a friend or relative with steady hands and a kind heart. If you’re lucky enough to have such a person, though, I think his or her task would be made easier by having clippers of this quality.

I haven’t left a review in a long while. I felt compelled to leave one for this product simply bc I’m Super Impressed. They are extremely Sharp & cut thru the thickest of toenails infected with fungus like a hot knife thru butter. And also the smallest of overgrown cuticles as well.

As a matter of fact, I would caution to handle with care. I cut my finger on them while wiping them down when finished. They are worth buying. As a matter of fact, I bought them by accident thinking they were another brand I saw here earlier. I’m happy about my mistake. Very Impressed. Excellent product. I will buy it again in the future.

This is super sharp and the grip is very comfortable. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this for someone with thick nails. I got through almost 2 of my father’s toenails when it just broke on me! I don’t know how to add more pics but it was a clean-cut!

These clippers worked great for the past three months. Grabbed them tonight to cut a couple of fingernails and the handle with the spring just fell off. After reading other reviews it appears that there is a quality issue that needs to be addressed.

This device really works. It is sharp, has great cutting power, and does everything they say it does. I received it this afternoon and tried it immediately. It cut through my overly thick nails like they were made of a hard butter. For years, I have used a Dremel tool as no clippers worked till these. Highest praise.

These clippers are fantastic. I will not go into a long, detailed review of these clippers because there are already so many reviews that do so. Just adding my 2¢, I recommend that potential buyers read the other 5-star reviews posted here.

I am a senior citizen and these clippers are exactly what I needed to enhance my independence by keeping my finger and toenails properly clipped and working well. This helps keep me mobile and healthy. I strongly recommend these clippers to anyone looking for a great, professional-grade tool to help keep their toes and feet in great condition.

These are high quality, excellent clippers not just for ingrown nails but for all toenails. The cushioned grips make these a real pleasure to use and they are very sharp.

You need look no further if you are looking for high quality, easy to use toenail clippers for ingrown nails. A very outstanding product. The very fine point is what sets them off from other products and makes them so effective.

I love these clippers. They are well made and very sturdy. The edges/blades are sharp and about 1/2″ long, so it works well for cutting sections of the nail at a time. The clippers are stainless steel, with a brushed look, versus a shiny chrome look.

The rubber handles are about 2-3/4″ long, easy to grip, but that will depend on your hand size. For me it is comfortable. The handles are sturdy, while closed, you can squeeze the handles with some amount of strength with no flexing (within reason).

The handles are a harder plastic, no rubber squishy feel for them, easy to grip and not slippery. The tension bar works well to cut and quickly move the clippers and not snag nail or skin. I have arthritis and these work very well with my compromised grip. Overall pleased and love these.

I read someone’s review criticizing these clippers for being so sharp. They are sharp. That is what I wanted! After being constantly disappointed by the bluntness of the Revlon clippers and other brands I’ve picked up trying to cope with my thick, stubborn toenails, I have finally found a pair that is sharp enough, strong enough, and easy enough for my arthritic hands to manipulate to do their job.

I get terrible ingrown toenails and none of the other clippers I’ve gotten could get them out of my toe without cutting into the flesh. These are sharp and precise. I can manipulate them easily and highly recommend them. I got a card for free fingernail clippers in the package, and once I get them I will let you all know if those turn out as well for me as this pair has.

I liked the thickness of the handles. It does not hurt your palm like the ones without the thick handles do. The spring function does not require much effort at all. The blades are very sharp, the blade tips are also sharp and pointed thus making the total cutting part highly functional.

The amount of blade curvature is perfect to contour the toenails to prevent ingrown nails. I just had this item do not know how long it will stay sharp, but I have no cons about this product right now.

I do my own pedicure and this is my first toenail clipper (I always used scissors until now). I had to read a lot of reviews before deciding on this product and I didn’t get disappointed since it has all the features I wanted to have.

Following my order, the company sent me a thank-you e-mail with a free fingernail clipper offer (it said: while supplies last). The free nail clipper I received also has great quality and very sharp. All I can say right now is that this seems to be a very professional, highly customer-oriented company with well designed excellent quality products.

I had been searching for a really good pair of toenail clippers for a long time and finally found one in the Zizzili Basics Toenail clippers. The construction and finish of the clippers remind me of a precision surgical instrument and they do the job of trimming toenails like one.

The sharp cutting blades cut with ease and the narrow pointed tip allows them to trim hard to reach places. Almost as impressive are the large easy-grip handles which allow you to use the trimmers at any angle without them slipping out of your fingers which happens with many thinner stainless steel handles.

Also, the larger non-slip handles allow you to transfer more grip strength to the cutting blades. The nail clippers come in a box with the clippers inset in a molded plastic tray. Even though the clippers come with a sturdy plastic cover for the cutting head I kept the box and tray to store the clippers and to use while traveling.

I’ve read all the positive reviews, and I totally agree with them all. Best clippers ever. I have horrible toenails, and I’m diabetic with neuropathy. I hate having anyone else cut my nails, though.

I usually just use regular clippers and a cuticle cutter. The cuticle cutter is made the same way as these clippers, but they are small and not easy to hold/grip. I waited till I received these to cut my toenails, and the second I picked them up and tried them, I was sold. Perfect! What usually takes me 30-45 minutes took me just 15 minutes. And no accidental skin cuts. Just be careful in handling them and keep them away from children. They are sharp!

  • Ideal for thick nails
  • Ergonomic easy grip
  • Precision trimming
  • Versatile use
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • A bit expensive
  • A bit difficult to use

Best Ingrown Toenail Tools– Buyer’s Guide

You need to search for the following features while picking the best-ingrown toenail tool.

If you are buying this for the first time you should not only aware of the advantages of toenail tools but also aware of the quality of it.

Bottom Line

Making a decision about which ingrown toenail tool is the best for you is not an easy job, but we tried our best to recommend the best one. If you are not exactly sure which toenail tool to get, we recommend the Bcabo Upgraded 8Pcs/set.

In case you feel that we left out some other great ingrown toenail tools, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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