5 of The Best Hand Dryers For Your Smart Home

Why are hand dryers preferred over bathroom towels and mats? It’s because bathroom towels can be unhygienic. They retain moisture and act as a breeding ground for bacteria. Bathrooms contain feces, bacteria, and other bacterial substances from the hands and body, and because bathrooms are usually shared, which means you are transmitting the bacteria from one person to the other.

Best Hand Dryers

 Even in the case that you live alone, washing your hands won’t do you much good since you’ll just get bacteria on your hands when you use a towel. This is why people have switched from bathroom towels to air dryers for commercial and even domestic use.

With the wide range of the best hand dryers on the market, it’s hard to decide which is the best and most ideal hand dryer for your bathroom. In this article, we will list down the top 5 hand dryers that are best for your smart home.

1. Dryflow Dryforce PLUS

The Dryflow Dryforce PLUS is unique because it comes with a water collection tray. This is a good selling point, along with its energy efficiency and high-quality performance that the hand dryer provides. This hand dryer can ensure that your bathroom air and floor remain dry from the residual blown off the hands.

It is a blade hand dryer because it has a bladed outlet which provides quicker drying than most hand dryers. Approximate 3636 dries are possible for £1.

2. Dryflow Slimforce

The dry force slim force hand dryer is ideal when you do not want something that takes up too much wall space. This model of hand dryer is fast and provides a relatively faster drying time than your conventional hand dryers. Its sleek and modern design is so unique that it can complement any type of decor in any style of private bathroom you install it in.

It is 10 cm deep and has adjustable settings, and is also energy-saving, leaving you with a low monthly electricity bill. The energy usage is so low that you can get approximately 4166 dries for a single pound in your overall electricity bill.

3. Turboforce Junior PLUS

Another on the list of compact hand dryers is the Turboforce Junior PLUS. It competes with the other noisier hand dryers by equipping itself with a low noise output. Along with its fast drying feature, it comes with bonus elements like internal UVC cleaning protection and an intelligent heating system. This hand dryer model is also super energy efficient since you can use approximately 4000 dries per £1 of electricity used. It has a sleek design and has every feature you need in a hand dryer.

4. Lyrovo Hand Dryer Machine

This hand dryer comes with an impressively fast wind speed, riding all water particles from your hands in no time. Its motion detector makes it completely automatic, eliminating the need to touch it with wet hands to use it. It automatically turns on when detecting your hand and turns off once you remove them.

It is also highly energy-efficient and saves you from high electricity bills, so you can use it guilt-free. It’s made from durable, corrosion-proof materials and operates while causing the least amount of noise. Among all other things, it is also convenient when it comes to installation because these are one of the easiest to install onto your walls.

5. Urban Desires Hand Dryer Machine

The Urban Desires hand dryer machine is made from sturdy, high-quality, and eco-friendly components and is another hand dryer that enables hands-free drying to prevent the spreading of germs. It provides one of the best hand-drying experiences with its accurate motion-sensing abilities. It is also perfect for saving money on electricity bills due to its energy-saving designs. These are another one of those hand dryers that is easy to mount on the wall without having to follow complicated instructions.

To conclude, there are various hand dryers available and we have discussed the best ones appropriate for your smart home. The Dryflow Dryforce PLUS is unique and comes with a water collection tray. It has everything one would want in a home dryer for their smart home. Dryflow Slimforce has so many features, is subtle, and doesn’t take up too much space. It is one of the most energy-efficient hand dryers on the list.

Another hand dryer worthy of the list is the Turboforce Junior PLUS, which comes with bonus features like internal UVC cleaning protection and an intelligent heating system. The hand dryer that is fast and can dry your hands in the shortest time is the Lyrovo Hand Dryer Machine. Finally, Urban Desires Hand Dryer Machine is a durable hand dryer made from eco-friendly components making it efficient, super effective, and environmentally friendly.

 We hope this article proved informative and enables you to buy a suitable hand dryer for your smart home. Thank you for reading!

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